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Easter Eggs Hidden in Tesla Model 3

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A growing trend in automotive design is to hide unique features in small details or in the software. Chevrolet does this with the Corvette by etching the cross-flags logo into the headlights, rear window defogger, and a few other locations. Take a close look at a Jeep and you will find silhouettes of the original Willys from WWII. Tesla chooses to make us smile with childhood memories and nerdy fun aimed directly at their target audience.

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Before Tesla Tampa was opened, we stored a dozen Model S sedans in our showroom. Aside from the tremendous torque that burned our carpet, we discovered the lane-keeping display was able to show the car on Rainbow Road, the hardest track from Nintendo’s Mario Kart. Two months ago at our Cars & Coffee show, one of our fans arrived in a new Model X. The rear doors and battery range is nice, but the real treat is dance mode. It uses the rock-orchestra soundtrack that is synchronized to the lights and doors. Now that the Model 3 is in production, it was inevitable that customers would discover its funny bone. In a video uploaded to Green Car Reports by Steve Jurvetson, he shows us three features every car should have. Watch the video and then tell us about hidden parts of your car in the comments below.