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Control Your Tesla Model S From the Apple Watch

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Though he may be most easily recognized for the YouTube videos of his insane supercars squaring off against others, Allen Wong first came to notoriety for his incredible app development skills. His book “Lifehacked” tells the story of how he created Rego Apps and developed his first few successful apps, 5-0 Radio and Police Scanner+, which went on to be downloaded tens of millions of times each, and all before he hit 25 years old.

Now a millionaire thanks to his success, he’s shown up in our articles and at quite a few duPont REGISTRY events in the past few months, most recently when his Model S P85D took on a few Ferraris to see who was better when it came to a 0-60 mph launch. Of course, one could presume it was only a matter of time before his love for cars and talent for software development converged.


In a video added to YouTube today, Rego Apps shows us Allen’s latest development, created just in time to utilize the latest technology available. The Model S App for the Apple Watch allows Tesla owners like Allen to completely control their car from their wrist. Locking, unlocking, honking the horn, flashing the lights, setting the temperature and much more can all be done from the Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch is driving the next wave of changes for the Connected Car market, which has been, and continues to be, one of the most rapidly expanding segments of the automotive marketplace. As we reported April 27, a predicted 75 percent of cars shipped by 2020 will have all necessary hardware to be compatible with an Apple Watch app.

At this point in time, Allen’s app is not yet available in the Apple Store, as approval from Apple is still pending. Keep an eye on the Rego Apps profiles to find out when it will be released, watch the video above to see how it works and take a look through our exclusive listings to find the perfect Model S for when this app launches.


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