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Subaru BRZ STi Unveiled?

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Just two days ago, Subaru put some very not-so-subtle images up that included an STi badge on the familiar body panels of the BRZ. These obscure images sent the online automotive world into a frenzy, as the anticipated BRZ STi was finally announced.

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Unfortunately, this is where dreams are crushed. According to, it really isn’t an STi. The car that we saw was actually a Subaru BRZ outfitted with the “tS” package, a new package that was unveiled at the 86 festival at Fuji Speedway. 7tune put the difference between a “tS” and an “STi” very eloquently: “Think of it this way. The tS brand from Subaru is like an M-Sport packaged 3 series, while the STi is the full blown M3.”


So what does this mean? Well, the engine of the BRZ tS will have no upgrades to the engine (no turbos) or exhaust system. But 7tune says to not be worried, as “tS” literally stands for “Tuned by STi”, so there is some STi blood running through the veins of the BRZ tS.

When purchasing the BRZ tS, you can opt for the base tS package or the tS “GT Package”. With the GT Package, the BRZ will be outfitted with a carbon fiber wing pulled from the Impreza RA STi, as well as Recaro seats, black alloy wheels, shift knob, grill inserts, fog lamps, front under spoiler, strengthened driveshaft, Bilstein suspension upgrade and much more. The standard package has no wing, less trimming, no Recaro seats, but for the most part is identical to the GT Package.

Pricing for the GT Package with the manual transmission starts at around $41,500. If you want the automatic transmission (we don’t know why), add another $1,000. Only 500 tS BRZs will be made and the only 250 of the tS BRZs with the GT Package being made.