Official: SRT Viper GT3-R

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The SRT Viper GT3-R is collaboration between Chrysler Group’s

The SRT Viper GT3-R is the latest American GT Class car ready to take on the Le Mans and America Le Mans Series. It comes from a long line of successful Viper GTS-Rs, and was designed and developed by the SRT Motorsports team. While this track-ready Viper is based on the street version, the differences are stark.

From the outside, you see a car designed for optimum aerodynamics on the track. A complete aerodynamic package has been added to the GT3-R, including: a giant rear wing, extra side vents, extended splitter, canards, large rear diffuser and more.

To give the racecar a boost, the V10 puts down 680hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shifters, six-piston front brake calipers with four-pistons in the rear, lightweight wheels and a multi-disc race clutch have also been added to increase performance.

You can order your very own SRT Viper GT3-R today, with the car being delivered late 2013. The price is set at $459,000. In the meantime, check out the SRT Vipers for sale at duPont REGISTRY.