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2007 Spyker C8 Laviolette For Sale

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The Dutch work ethic and engineering expertise is legendary. Trapped between France and Germany, the Netherlands doesn’t play favorites. That’s why the Spijker brothers built cars and aircraft that changed the world. After anglicizing the company name, they built a revolutionary race car. The 1903 Spyker 60 hp had 3x the power of its competitors. It was the first car with a six-cylinder engine, first with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, and the first car with All-Wheel-Drive.

2007 Spyker C8 Laviolette For Sale

Half a century before its time, Spyker set a standard for engineering and aerodynamics that other automakers couldn’t hope to replicate. That is why their logo is a Latin phrase ” Only For The Tenacious”. This not only applies to their engineers and craftspeople, but it is equally applicable to Spyker owners.

Still ahead of competitors in terms of style and aerodynamics, the C8 Laviolette was the first C8 coupe. The cloth top was replaced by panoramic glass, and the roof is bisected by a ram-air intake. Glass T-tops were a $16,000 option, which sets this car apart from all others.

Not only do they cut the amount of drag, but the engine is also able to offer 400 horsepower. The name is an homage to Joseph Laviolette, the engineer who built the aforementioned 60 horsepower car in 1903.

Like all Spyker models, no detail has been overlooked. From the exposed shifter to diamond-stitched leather, you are surrounded by a work of art. The machined aluminum dash is a throwback to their aircraft division, and the gauges are reminiscent of their WW1 fighters.

The reason you don’t see Spykers that often is that they are built-to-order. Instead of flying to the Netherlands to spec your car, we offer this pristine example as the perfect blend of art and engineering. This handbuilt masterpiece deserves to be the centerpiece of your collection, so click the link below for all the details.

Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via: Latin Translates into “Only For The Tenacious”