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Zurba Timepiece: American History in the Making

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Presented by Zurba Inc.

If the news broke out the title “Armageddon is coming,” most folks would get worried and start packing food and water for their future. But, when you know that behind closed doors Zurba Industries is developing the fastest American Supercar named the “Armageddon”, you might just start packing your penny’s away for that day when “Armageddon” actually comes, because you’re going to want one.


Jonny Zurba from Huntington Beach, California is a designer, creator and has been in the muscle car restoration business for 35 years. He has designed and created a Limited Edition Timepiece for those that like supporting and betting on the Longshot. The funds created from multiple streams including the beautiful timepieces are heading toward funding and building the most incredible hypercar, Armageddon, of which 25 race versions are being planned and at least 25 street versions.

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Yes, it’s very limited but very purpose built. What is the purpose? The purpose is to annihilate the competition and that means targeting the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron, Porsche, Hennessey , Lamborghini and Ferrari. When Zurba completes the Armageddon, he will come equipped with a finished, polished hypercar that will enter the battlefield and attempt to destroy the competition through his patented technology.

Zurba Technology includes “Rifling Trajectory Modules” ™, which Zurba claims will vacuum the car lower to the ground and rifle the car aerodynamically, making it harder to steer the faster it goes. And that’s well above 250 mph. With a V12 twin turbo engine, carbon fiber tub , titanium bird cage integration this hypercar will be on the list to compete with the best. Zurba has teamed up with Formula One designers and the best Tuners in the world to build his Hypercar.


You can support his efforts by purchasing a Zurba timepiece so that his quest to be the fastest, best handling supercar/ hypercar becomes reality and puts America back on top.

The Zurba Timepiece is not just a Timepiece, it is a symbolism of what is to come and that means…“Armageddon”.

The Zurba Timepiece was designed for the ones with a vintage racing attitude, high lust for the exotic flare and an unquenchable exquisite taste. A limited, numbered production of 300 Quartz timepieces have been manufactured with fighting swords equipped as the hour and minute hands project into the future toward “ Armageddon”. This Timepiece is an investment in an American company with a dream to conquer and may one day have museum collectability. The Limited Production Timepieces may be worth many times it’s current value if the Armageddon car proves to be on top of the hypercar industry and shows the longshot finishing on top. That might entice you to buy two.

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