VIP Boeing 737 for Sale

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This Aircraft is a technological masterpiece, with Gogo WIFI onboard, as well as ten flat screen televisions, this jet offers you the ability to conduct a meeting in the boardroom, while other guests watch one of over 10,000 movies in the comfort of plush seating. With a range of 2,500 nautical miles, this jet can travel from Los Angeles to New York nonstop, all while you enjoy a five-course dinner, game of blackjack, or track your journey via Airshow.

This Aircraft is fast, dependable and technologically advanced, allowing your travel to be more effective and productive. Business meetings can be conducted, correspondence sent and deals done all in the comfort of your private 737.

Over $4.5 million was spent on the VIP conversion in 2011 and $1 million was spent in 2015 on the entertainment system, WIFI and wine chiller. Limited to 19 passengers for Part 91 operations, provisions for 29 passengers. Will be delivered current on all inspections.

Flight and maintenance crew has been with this beauty since her introduction as a VIP 737 and are willing to stay on through transition and possible permanently. Surprisingly affordable operating costs. Owner is simply not using enough and is sacrificing for $2,450,000. Demonstration flights are available for qualified parties, at cost. Possible owner financing and or partnership opportunities.

This is the ultimate private jet! No expense was spared in offering a premier flying experience. Owner financing, managed partnership, and trades (aircraft, real estate, exotic cars) may be considered.

For more information, call 702-470-5628 or visit www.private737.com.

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