Vanderhall Motorworks Presents the New Venice Speedster

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Presented by Vanderhall Motor Works

Vanderhall Motor Works, the boutique American manufacturer of popular three-wheel autocycles, proudly announces its newest model to date, the Venice Speedster. Limited to a production of approximately 250 units, the all-new Venice Speedster is created for soloistic escapes and nicely accommodates solo touring with ample storage. Sleek and refined with the styling of yesteryear while benefitting from modern performance, the Venice Speedster is holistically attractive.

“This exciting new model will give a lucky few enthusiasts the opportunity to experience motoring as an art,” says Vanderhall Marketing Director, Daniel Boyer. “The handsomely refined Speedster will expand our line to five exceptional models by year’s end.”

Based on the popular Vanderhall Venice platform, the 2019 Venice Speedster deletes the Venice’s passenger seat, hoop, and hump. This optimizes solo touring and prices the Speedster at a base of $26,950. Limited in production, all Vanderhall Speedsters are Silver Vintage Metallic with optional racing stripes. The Speedster is also characterized by a low-profile windshield, an enlarged driver’s rear deck hump, and black 18-inch alloy wheels. The interior features Saxony Brown upholstery. A bespoke tonneau cover is standard on all Vanderhall Speedsters.

The Vanderhall Venice Speedster shares mechanicals and general specs with the carryover Venice model. The powertrain is the 180-HP GM 1.4L turbocharged LUV four-cylinder engine mated to a GM 6-speed automatic transmission, with an optional semi-manually bump shifter. Other GM-sourced components include an electronically assisted rack-and-pinion steering system and electronics.

The Vanderhall platform is a patented tab-and-slot aluminum monocoque chassis, engineered and manufactured in-house. The Vanderhall-designed suspension incorporates coil over shocks. The front suspension uses a cantilevered pushrod design, and the rear is a single-sided swingarm. Optional Brembo disc brakes provide 4 Pot stopping power, halting the Venice Speedster in less than 85 feet.

Assembled in the USA using almost all American-sourced components, the 2019 Vanderhall Speedster will join the all-electric 2019 Edison² model alongside the popular Venice in dealerships fourth quarter this year. For more information or to locate your closest dealer, please visit Vanderhall Motor Works Inc. at vanderhallusa.com.

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