Vanderhall Laguna Roadster: Exquisite Three-Wheeled Driving

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Presented By Vanderhall Motor Works

Vanderhall Motor Works was founded in 2010 by Steve Hall.  His passion for auto sports was not satisfied through his successful exotic and luxury vehicle dealership. He embarked on a journey to create something uniquely his, something timeless. Initially, this endeavor was solely personal, at 6’6” there are not many exotic cars able to accommodate his stature. But as R & D commenced and iterations came and went the passion of creation lead Steve to focus on building a vehicle for market. This is that journey.

Each Vanderhall is painstakingly hand-built. The body is hand-laid carbon fiber. The chassis is a hand-welded Mono-Aluminum structure that is patented. The interior is hand sewn and crafted. The body is hand painted. All these hands come together to create a truly unique and gratifying motoring experience.

  • Powder Coated Chassis
  • Vanderhall Factory 3
  • Vanderhall Factory 14
  • Vanderhall Factory 1

The decision making process requires you to choose between a Destination Edition, (vehicles from inventory), or a Bespoke Edition, (vehicles that are created from input generated by the client). Destination Editions are available sporadically as production allows. Bespoke Editions are plugged into our production waitlist, first come first serve, and are built when their appointed time arrives. There currently is about a four to five month wait period for a Bespoke Edition.

Destination Editions include: The Crystal Cove, (Silver and Black), The Huntington (Red and Black) and The Pebble  Beach, (Slate Gary and Saddle) and the Pacific Grove (Light Blue and Black with orange stitch).

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Customers are encouraged to visit our Provo, Utah factory where the Vanderhall is hand-built, to design their Bespoke Edition or this process can be handled virtually.

Future segments will demonstrate the History of Vanderhall and prototyping process.

For questions, inquiries or to reserve your Laguna Roadster, be sure to click the appropriate button below.

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