Vanderhall Goes Electric: Meet The Edison²

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Presented by Vanderhall Motor Works

Before the invention of reliable gasoline engines, electric cars were competing against steam engines and horses. Early electric cars used Thomas Edison’s direct current system to offer a decent range for city commuting. Edison helped perfect the deep-cycle battery, which allowed for incredible conveniences in daily life. It seems as if history repeats itself, as electric cars are again poised to change the way we live.

Vanderhall Motorworks Groundbreaking New Factory

Vanderhall Motor Works of Provo, Utah has been at the cutting edge of three-wheel propulsion for the last few years. Their two models have been powered by the GM1.6 liter turbocharged engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission. The Laguna and Venice are both fun & efficient, and their orders have caused the company to break ground on a new factory. We were curious as to why a new assembly line was needed, but today we have our answer.

The Vanderhall Edison was released at the 2017 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach. It shares a similar footprint of the Venice roadster with a 30 kilowatt-hour battery and dual AC motors. While it would be fine with one motor, Steve Hall and his team somehow fit two of them side by side. Full-size electric cars need gear reduction to deal with the weight of the vehicle. Gear reduction limits the power that can reach the ground, so Vanderhall made both motors direct drive. The result is a brutal 240 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels. Available from a dead stop, the Edison is capable of vaporizing tires while reaching 60 mph in 4 seconds.

With 30% more torque than its gas-powered sibling, it will be a drag race monster. Horsepower of 180 is not much different than its predecessor. Made in Utah, Edison is filled with American parts and patented manufacturing processes. It comes standard with heated seats, Brembo brakes, and a cruising range of over 200 miles. The price you pay for such innovation is only $34,950. The Edison is poised to shake up the industry, so stay with us here on Autofluence for all your Vanderhall updates. Click the link below to find a dealer near you and have a great Thanksgiving.

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