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URB-E: The World’s Most Compact Foldable Electric Vehicle, Made in USA

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Presented by URB-E

The future of travel is personal transportation that goes everywhere you go. URB-E, one of Fortune.com’s Top 10 Startups for 2016, is the ultimate in personal transportation.

Built by hand in Pasadena California out of carbon fiber and 6061 extruded aircraft grade aluminum, with neverflat tire technology, an integrated shock absorption system, anodized aluminum components, and top-of-the-line brushless motor, the URB-E is the result of 3 years of dedicated work.

Designed by a Professor of Industrial Design at ArtCenter College of Design and engineered by a former Lead Engineer at Porsche and Saleen, the URB-E is truly the world’s lightest and most compact electric vehicle.

The URB-E goes 20 miles on a single charge, and with a top speed of 15mph is legally classified as a bicycle. At 35 pounds it is the lightest in the world, and best yet, you can literally charge it from any outlet.

Fold it up and put it in the trunk of your luxury car, or take it onto the train, in your plane, on your boat, RV/tour bus, and literally everywhere you go.

Perfect for urbanites, people living in communities, college students, plane, RV, or boat owners, and those just looking to walk less and get everywhere faster without wasting time and money looking and paying for parking.

URB-E’s award winning design and engineering creates an easy, smooth ride that will last for years. The Pasadena-based team guarantees a 1-year warranty, and with over 2000 sold world-wide, they are truly leading the way for personal transportation and mobility.

Increase the size of your neighborhood, make your commute easier, and spend more time doing what you love and less time getting there.

Even the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica has URB-Es available for guests!

The Wall Street Journal calls URB-E “Way fun… a thrill to ride!” The Huffington Post says URB-E is “The vehicle of the future.” AutoWeek echoes this, saying “URB-E collapsible electric scooter is the future of transportation.” Business Insider claims “This tiny electric scooter will make your commute a lot more exciting,” and The Washington Post proclaims “Be used to people gawking!”

The #1 rated Foldable Electric Scooter in the world, URB-E makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Learn more about URB-E and the future of personal transportation at www.urb-e.com/ride.

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