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Our Superior Dogs Are the Envy of All, but the Privilege of Few

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Presented by Titan Bullys – “Titan Bullys” boasts the most sought-after XL bullies in the world.  We aren’t your everyday XL American Bully breeder; we are always perfecting our breed to contribute to the next, even more-dominating line of bullies by mastering the process and striving for more.  You can be part of this amazing process and lineage.   We have satisfied and superseded the requirements for color, coat, size, and more importantly, temperament, for this stunning variety.  We invite you to be part of an elite and exclusive set of the most-prestigious owners of unique and cherished dogs to date. 

Our pristine and nurturing kennel produces legendary canine specimens and precious, devoted companions.  We pride ourselves on pure bloodlines, many exclusive to Titan.  Our elite breeding program delivers premium quality bully puppies from legendary pedigree with documented and traced lineage.  These breathtaking dogs are as strong as they are friendly, as big as they are loyal, as bold as they are gentle.  We have refined the best of all of these traits and melded them into one amazing dog, one who longs to be your next and newest family member.  Love a legend and have a legend love you. 

You invest in cars; you invest in homes; you invest in safety, travel and education.  Invest in family and give yourself a prideful treasure and a gift that has returns in unimaginable ways.  Invest in this bull(y) market: this stock won’t drop.

Call for information on available selections or craft the dog of your dreams.  We also welcome scheduled appointments to visit our kennel and showroom in Florida.  For those not available to travel, shipping through licensed and approved service is available. 

Presented by Titan Bullys

XXL Bullys from the Biggest and BEST bloodlines.
Temperament, structure, and massive size. Pups $3500 &  up.