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Tire Stickers 2017 And Beyond

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Presented by Tire Stickers

Another year has gone by, but Tire Stickers has plenty to show for it.

The tire decal brand has seen some surging growth, brand-new products, and exciting partnerships that transcend the original idea of a permanent sticker. Where can they go from here?

Here’s a look back at 2017 and a look forward to what Tire Stickers has to offer in 2018.

Solid-Gold Partnerships

You don’t find success without some exposure, and Tire Stickers was all over the place.

Those sleek decals were featured in heavy-hitters including The Fate of the Furious, the promotional tour for Cars 3, the rad Tonka Hilux Concept by Toyota, and Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine.

Now that’s some exposure you can work with.

They also found licensing opportunities with Ford, Dodge, and the U.S. Army. No small feat.

2018 is looking even brighter. Expect to see Tire Stickers mentioned alongside GM, the U.S. Marines, HelloKitty, and your favorite sports teams. Full steam ahead.

SEMA 2017

Speaking of exposure, Tire Stickers was all over this year’s SEMA Show too. With approximately 175 vehicles throughout the show representing their products – including Federal, Ford, Nitto, Toyo, Shell, Dodge, and many more – they made a bold showing at the major Vegas convention.

They also took the opportunity to unveil new products and give a sneak peek to 2018’s product lines.

New Products Mean New Looks

The Hydroshine line was a much-appreciated tire shine offering to keep those Tire Stickers crisp without fading. Beyond their regular licensed brand decals, they also wheeled out vintage redlines, whitewalls, and multicolored line kits. There’s even more to come.

2018 is going to see a burst of hues with custom color matching, silver as a new standard option, and reflective colors like white, red, and yellow.

Expand, Expand, Expand

Tire Stickers isn’t content with staying inside a box. Expect to see Tire Stickers popping up in autoparts stores across North America. We’re talking Alphabet and Branded decal kits, so you’ve got plenty to work with.

As the Tire Stickers phenomenon continues to grow, there will undoubtedly be plenty of imitators, but you’ll only get the best by sticking with the best.

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