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“The Brodozer” by Sparks Motors is a Monster Ready for Anything

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Presented By Sparks Motors

Introducing The Brodozer: one mean and modified 2011 Ford F-350 that’s ready to climb just about anything.

Based on the aforementioned F-350 truck, The Brodozer is an insanely capable truck built by Sparks Motors/Diesel Brothers. With four-wheel steering, The Brodozer can steer itself towards just about any obstacle and tackle it with ease. Making sure this truck can power up and over rocks is a 6.7-liter Powerstroke Diesel Motor. Furthering its rock crawling capabilities are a plethora of modifications, including:

  • 20- x 18-inch double beadlock wheels
  • Brand New Modified Axletech 9 ton planetary Axles with disc brakes and air lockers
  • Axletech 2 speed transfer case
  • Peterbilt Drivelines
  • Mickey Thompson 54″x19.5″x20″ Baja Claw Tires
  • PSC Front and Rear Hydraulic Steering Setup
  • King 3.0×18 coil over shocks
  • Custom 4 Link Suspension using monster trucks heim joints and link gives

Yeah, The Brodozer is the real deal.

As for external aesthetics, this truck has them. By now you’ve noticed its custom Caterpillar Yellow paint finish, but there are other details you might not have seen. The F-350 logo have been modified to light up, but they don’t outshine the four LED surround lights mounted to the custom roof rack. If these lights don’t give The Brodozer’s location away, the Wetsounds interior and exterior audio system will.

If this truck seems like a good time to you, and it should, it’s actually for sale right now on SparksTrucks.com. Click the button below to see the price and learn more.

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