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Supernova Silver 2015 McLaren P1 to Storm Mecum’s Monterey Auction

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Before the McLaren P1 was released, the only object feared by every car on the road…was Chuck Norris. McLaren’s hypercar is not capable of any martial arts, but it is a brutal and efficient warrior on the track. Looking back at McLaren’s return to road cars in 2012, the P1 was probably well into development when the 12C rolled out. Their ace in the hole literally shocked the world by combining hybrid power with a potent twin-turbo V8. Supercars are supposed to be uncomfortable and get terrible mileage, but the P1 rides on 4-corner hydraulic suspension and it can reach 100 mph on battery power alone.

The fact that McLaren’s Super Series cars have no sway bars is reason alone to drive them. At a full charge and with full boost from the turbos, the P1 offers 903 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque. The carbon fiber mono cage weighs in at only 180 lbs, so the power-to-weight ratio is comparable to an ACME rocket. Even though the top speed is limited to 218 mph, you will be driving one of only 375 cars produced.

This example is car # 291, and it was ordered in Supernova Silver, an extra cost option. It has several driving modes ranging from electric only to full race, with each offering distinct aerodynamics and chassis tuning. It will take serious advancements in automotive technology before anything will eclipse the McLaren P1, and that is why you should head to Mecum Monterey to bid on this one.

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