Richard E. Smith Collection: Built on Compassion, Warmth and Humor

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“A Man is Judged By His Deeds Not by His Words”.  With his compassion, warmth and sense of humor, Mr. Richard “Dick” Smith exemplifies this famous proverb.  Dick’s automobile and memorabilia collection provide a glimpse into this wonderful man.

Dick’s career started with U.S. Army as Second Lieutenant, followed by an education at the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science then an internship at Army Grave Registrations.  Retiring as a Captain, Dick and his wife Donna started a successful funeral home and cemetery business.

Dick’s sense of civic duty also did not stop with the Military.  He is very active with various law enforcement groups including the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff and Santa Clara County Sheriff Advisory Board.  In addition, Dick has been a member of Sunnyvale Rotary Club for 45 years and served as President for three different terms.

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Since his retirement in 2008, Dick diverted some of his passion towards Collectible Automobiles and Memorabilia.  His choice of vehicles reflects a fondness for American Classics but also taste and sense of humor.  His Muscle Cars include a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe – 427ci/425hp, 4-speed transmission, leather seats, teakwood steering wheel, factory side pipes and only 73,700 miles.

Perhaps the rarest of his entire collection is the 1917 hand carved REO hearse, believed to be one of only three registered in the US.

The above vehicles, as well as Dick’s impressive collection of Sports Memorabilia, can be viewed as the famous “Dick’s Mancave” at San Jose, California.

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