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RENNtech’s R2 AMG GT S: A Beauty and A Beast

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Presented By RENNtech

For over 2 years, RENNtech has been developing and testing multiple upgrade stages for Mercedes-AMG’s latest Supercar, the AMG GT S. Including countless laps around the world’s most demanding racetrack, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and RENNtech’s hometown road course, Palm Beach International Raceway. This combination of an extreme racetrack and extreme weather conditions put the products through the ultimate test and ensured optimal performance and reliability in every corner of the world.

RENNtech’s latest R2-Performance Package developed specifically for the AMG GT S boosts performance across the entire RPM range. The R2 package couples the tuning software with performance air-filters, high flow downpipes with 200 Cell Catalytic Converters, Blow-Off Valve Adapters and their Stage I Turbocharger Upgrade. Increasing performance by up to 180HP and 161 Lb/Ft over stock. Bringing the AMG GT S to a maximum output Level of 716 HP and 656 Lb/Ft.

The all-around RENNtech aerodynamic program for the AMG GT S turns the Beast into a true Beauty. Including carbon fiber front splitter, side rocker panels, rear diffuser and adjustable DTM-Style Wing, the aerodynamic upgrades give the GT S’s exterior a seriously aggressive aesthetic, perfectly complementing the performance upgrades. These all-around enhancements transform the GT S into a true standout, which sets RENNtech’s product line-up above the competition.

Ensuring all the power from RENNtech’s performance upgrades is transmitted to the road, RENNtech developed a suspension kit which allows full ride height adjustability and maximum lowering of 1.5 inches. Within the RENNtech Super-Light Wheel Series, they developed an allnew 3-piece forged variation, specifically for the GT S. Their Super-Light Series is available in three distinct designs, the 10-spoke, 10.2-spoke and 15-spoke wheel.

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