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RENNtech Car Care: The Perfect Gift for Every Car Lover

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Presented by RENNtech

RENNtech has just released their new line of premium car care products. These superior products were initially developed to clean and maintain high-end, custom private jets in the most extreme environmental conditions. They are so user-friendly and effective that caring for your car becomes a real pleasure instead of a chore. RENNtech has two car care kits available: a 6-pack full-sized bag of 16oz bottles and a 6-pack travel-sized bag of 2.5oz bottles.

The full-sized kit includes a Shine speed wax and dry wash protectant, used to give the vehicle a quick wash without needing to use soap and water. Immaculate is a multi-purpose interior cleaner which can be used with Protect, a tire, plastic and vinyl protectant. Protect is formulated to recondition a number of interior surface materials including plastic, fiberglass, vinyl and rubber. Away is used to remove tough grease and dirt on the engine, wheels and tires. To ensure crystal clear glass, the kit includes a bottle of window cleaner to remove dirt and dust and leave the windows clear of fingerprints, smudges, and streak-free. To give the car a “just washed” look in between washes, Finale may be used on the interior and exterior. The kit includes 5 microfiber towels and a bug and tar removal sponge, all of which come in a RENNtech carrying case.

To keep clean on-the-go, RENNtech has a travel-sized kit consisting of nearly the same products in small 2.5oz bottles. Instead of the Protect tire protectant, the travel-sized kit has Spot, an upholstery stain remover. The kit includes 1 microfiber towel and a small RENNtech carrying case.

Check out the website at www.RENNtechMercedes.com for more information!

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Full Traveler kit includes:

• (1) RENNtech Carrying Case

• (1) Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad

• (1) 16oz SHINE- Speed Wax and Dry Wash Protectant

• (1) 16oz FINALE- Interior and Exterior Multi Surface Cleaner

• (1) 16oz AWAY- Degreaser, Tire, Wheel, and Engine Cleaner

• (1) 16oz IMMACULATE- Interior Cleaner

• (1) 16oz VIEW- Interior and Exterior Window Cleaner

• (1) 16oz PROTECT- Tire, Plastic, and Vinyl Protectant

• (4) Pro Series 300 GSM Microfiber towels

• (1) Pro Series 600 GSM Microfiber towel

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Travel-Size Traveler kit includes:

• (1) RENNtech Carrying Case

• (1) 2.5oz SHINE- Speed Wax and Dry Wash Protectant

• (1) 2.5oz FINALE- Interior and Exterior Multi-Surface Cleaner

• (1) 2.5oz AWAY- Degreaser, Tire, Wheel, and Engine Cleaner

• (1) 2.5oz IMMACULATE- Interior Cleaner

• (1) 2.5oz VIEW- Interior and Exterior Window Cleaner

• (1) 2.5oz SPOT- Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover

• (1) 200 GSM Pro Series Microfiber Towel

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