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Prefix Corporation Partners With Kryptek Outdoor Group to Create Special Edition Minotaur Custom Truck

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Presented by Prefix Corporation

If you’re lucky, you’ve seen one of these wide-body aggressive looking trucks cruising the highway, racing across Baja, or even jumping obstacles with all four tires off the ground.  If you are really lucky, you’ve been the one behind the wheel!  The Minotaur RAM® 1500 pick-up truck is a substantial custom conversion offered from the Performance division of Michigan based Prefix Corporation®.  Beginning in August, an even more aggressive and limited series of the Minotaurs will be available to truck fanatics who want to own something with a seriously adventurous attitude.

Prefix has partnered with Kryptek Outdoor Group to offer a very limited edition production run of co-branded Minotaur RAM trucks that will further elevate the styling and aggressive attitude.  Kryptek is an outdoor/adventure company that produces an innovative 3D camouflage pattern used in ultra-high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel and gear.  “We are thrilled that customers and fans of our camo patterns will have the opportunity to order and own these amazing trucks.” explained Kryptek CEO & Co-founder, Butch Whiting.  “The Minotaur already has a reputation for high quality and extreme capability, so adding the Kryptek styling to the vehicle takes it to a new level and provides exactly the attitude it demands.”

The founders of Kryptek have extensive combat experience, and conduct expedition type hunts all over the world in the most austere environments and extreme conditions.  A brand with pure authenticity, and unquestionable credibility, Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in ultra-high-performance technical, tactical outdoor adventure apparel,  a perfect complement to the rugged Minotaur.

Prefix estimates only about 100 special edition Kryptek Minotaurs will be produced this year. “It is a LOT of truck for the money and we like the idea of limited production.” explains Prefix Director of Marketing, Jhan Dolphin.  “Buyers enjoy knowing that they could easily be the only one in their area driving a Kryptek Edition Minotaur.”

During the past two years, the Minotaur has been featured in magazines and on television globally, often being described as the ‘Raptor Killer’.  The Kryptek Minotaur conversion was engineered from the same racing heritage found in championship race trucks, and… it is those same characteristics that make it ideal as a daily driver.  This highly engineered suspension system improves the overall vehicle stance for greater handling and stability at high speeds on the street, yet provides impressive off-road capability. The aggressive stance of the vehicle is dramatically enhanced by the wide track width and extended front and rear fenders.  Going way beyond a simple lift-kit, Minotaur uses the race-proven KORE® Tactical Series suspension with custom designed FOX® 3” internal bypass racing shocks, providing the truck with a massive 14” of suspension travel.   The 4” of lift gives the 35” all-terrain tires ample clearance and provides a remarkable approach angle of 41 degrees, and departure angle of 30 degrees.  Adding to the aggressive stance, an aluminum skid-plate with red tow hooks and low profile front fascia with integrated fog lights complete the front-end appearance.  Every Minotaur begins as a RAM 1500 Sport, crew-cab, short bed, leather interior, and a list of luxury features.

The Kryptek designers created special side body graphics, interior trim enhancements, floor mats, and custom embroidered headrests to enhance this special edition and engulf it in the patriotic Kryptek attitude.

The limited production trucks can only be ordered directly from Prefix Corporation.  To receive a detailed pricing guide on the Minotaur, and information about Prefix Performance, visit www.PREFIX.com and/or inquire at: sales@prefix.com

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