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Porsche GT3 RS Owner Gets the Ultimate in Peace of Mind

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From Detailed Designs Auto Spa:

1,053 miles separate the owner and our facility but still, this is the 2nd car he has had us perform our services on. He wanted the best and it was our aim to hit the mark.

We picked the car up from the dealership out of state and towed it back to our facility in our enclosed car hauler. This kept the miles off the drivetrain and rockchips and defects off the body until we could get her protected from the elements.

Once back in our facility, we began by performing a thorough and safe wash and decontamination to strip away any wax, sealant, glaze, bonded contaminates or polish residue that found its way onto the body at the factory or dealership. This allowed us to inspect the absolute condition of the clear coat. As you can see in the video, the clear coat had intensive sanding marks, scratches and haze from the factory. While it’s not uncommon for modern cars to have these defects even when new, for our clients, that won’t suffice. We performed a paint correction service to level the defects before installing paint protection film. This step ensured the maximum gloss and luster.

Once the car was perfected, we washed it again to remove existing dust and started on a full body Clear Guard Nano paint protection film wrap.

After the wrap was completed, we installed Modesta BC-04 to give it the most gorgeous gloss possible coupled with the easiest washes imaginable. The Modesta coating provides the body with an additional wear and tear layer that is more chemically resistant and easier to clean than even paint protection film. The rendering below shares what is really going on with this Porsche’s paint. Surface defects are being leveled and paint protected with paint protection film and capped off with Modesta.

The wheels and calipers were coated with Modesta BC-06 which has industry leading heat resistance to ensure track time never breaks down the coating. BC-06 will protect the calipers and wheels from burning brake dust and other contaminates. The balance of the value is found in wheels and calipers that are crazy easy to wash up.

What do all of these services do for a new car? In short, we extract the maximum luster from the paint, make it easier to care for and it gives the owner the ultimate in peace of mind while enjoying their fine automobile.

Finally, when she was all buttoned up she was towed back up to Michigan via an enclosed car hauler.

Here’s a video showing off the full-monty that this wild child got. We hope you enjoy!

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