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Overfinch Supersport and Matching Ferrari 488 Spider

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Presented by OVERFINCH

If you have been looking for a luxury SUV that stands apart from the crowd, Overfinch is the only logical choice. Their approach to building a fast & comfortable 4WD is what spawned the market for customized Land Rovers back in 1975. It is hard to improve upon perfection, but their engineers choose innovation and attention to detail to pick up where the factory left off. Late model Range Rovers and the Range Rover Sport variants are built mostly of aluminum to keep weight and corrosion at bay. Lighter than a comparable steel body, there is still room for improvement. They have become famous for building an incredible version of the full-size Ranges, and now their attention is focused on the supercharged Sport SVR.

Overfinch started with the most obvious and crafted a new hood entirely of carbon fiber. Shaving 11 lbs might not seem like much, but it’s a good start. Under the hood is a new intake, designed using CFD to maximize the flow entering the supercharger. A new air filter housing and the removal of restrictions increases the intake efficiency by 30%. Next was the stainless steel exhaust. The new pipes are titanium and they offer a 60% reduction in back pressure.

The only problem with the SVR’s original cast alloy wheels is they are a bit porky. Anyone who has upgraded to lighter wheels can attest that decreasing the rotational mass feels like adding 100 horsepower. Overfinch went to great lengths to forge new one-piece wheels measuring 22″x10.5″. A half-inch wider at each corner will offer much more grip and stability. Lastly, carbon fiber was used to make new fender flares, tailgate trim, front splitter, and the rear valance. All of the carbon components are made by Prodrive, a leader in motorsports engineering.

Overfinch will build the Supersport in any color you desire, so this example was finished in Rosso Corsa to match the client’s car collection. Inside you will be treated to a few acres of Bridge of Weir leather. Contrasting hides and a suede headliner are just a few of the finer interior details. Each example is built to order, which is why only 25 examples will be produced. If you have been inspired to build our own Supersport, contact Overfinch North America in the link below.

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