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One Owner 2006 Bugatti Veyron to Appear at Monterey

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Presented by Mecum Auctions

In the world of normal cars, low mileage generally commands a higher sales price. But in the world of hypercars, the best way to buy with confidence is knowing the car has been started on a regular basis. In the case of the Bugatti Veyron, its sixteen cylinder engine and four turbochargers comprise the most powerful and complex engine ever put into an automobile. Making 1,001 horsepower is no easy task, so each component of the powertrain is designed to work at proper temperature.

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The Veyron has 48 piston rings and 11 gallons of oil. You won’t warm it up by going around the block. These incredible supercars are meant to be driven, and this one-owner Veyron was well broken in.


Bugatti only built 450 Veyrons, and 99% of them are in hermetically sealed garages, to be driven every other leap year. But these cars were meant to be driven. A car with a few thousand miles gives us peace of mind knowing that the engine has been properly broken in, allowing it to reach its full potential.

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The exterior is a brilliant contrast of Sterling Metallic and Graphite with polished wheels. The odometer reads 3,839 miles, which equates to just under 340 miles a year. With no visible signs of wear and still on the original tires, it will be the centerpiece of Mecum Auctions’ Modern Speed Collection, taking place August 18-20. For complete details, head over to their listing here.

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