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Nmoto Unveils the Nostalgia

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Presented by Nmoto

Look closely at the BMW logo, and what do you see? The blue & white represent their beginnnings as an aircraft manufacturer. But after WW1, they had to find a way to stay alive without building weapons of war. Pouring their efforts into motorcycles led to the R7 Concept of 1934. Widely regarded as the most beautiful bike ever built, it was lost to history until being rediscovered in 2005.

With war on the horizon, BMW engineers carefully disassembled and packed it away for future generations. Only one example was built, and BMW is not keen on selling it. One of the greatest blunders in history has been their refusal to resurrect it on a modern platform, so that is where this idea began. As the epitome of Art Deco design, the R7 makes a statement in any situation. So that is why our friends at Nmoto have unveiled the Nostalgia.

Not simply a tribute to the R7, it is a reverse-engineered masterpiece. It started by finding a suitable modern platform. This is where BMW really gets it right. The seating position, engine mounts, and the center of gravity are almost identical to the R nineT. So it was chosen as the basis for the Nostalgia. You will have 110 horsepower, unmatched style, and a top speed of 140 mph.

It only took a few subtle changes to the build a modern R7, and it retains all the late-model suspension, power, and comfort. The Nostalgia starts with the 1,170cc boxer in its original cradle. From here the team at Nmoto forms each aluminum body panel by hand. Many ingenious methods were used to preserve the classic look. LED turn signals are hidden in the panels, and each oxygen sensor is angled out of sight. A keyless ignition uses RFID technology to keep it safe.

Of course, it retains the shaft-driven soft tail, riding on adjustable suspension. The massive Brembo brakes are the only major giveaway to modern safety. Since it is a new BMW R nineT, the rake and trail of the front are stock, which makes it a comfortable and predictable cruiser. It also arrives with ABS brakes, steering damper, multifunction display, and an adjustable seat.

From the hand-painted pinstripes to the countless hours it takes to form 96 individual panels, the Nostalgia is built to order in Miami. Built times average 9 months depending on options, and you will have a full powertrain warranty from BMW.

Presented by Nmoto

Valued at over $1 million, this original R7 is the stuff of collectors’ and motorcycle enthusiasts’ dreams. Among those to appreciate the BMW R7 was team at NMOTO. Taking inspiration from the past, NMOTO then launched the Nostalgia Project, an ambitious and successful attempt to join old designs with current technology. By utilizing modern materials and traditional manufacturing methods, NMOTO was able to create a lighter and more powerful final product.

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