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Marshall Goldman Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

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Presented by Marshall Goldman Motor Sales

Many of our readers are customers of or are familiar with Marshall Goldman Motor Sales, but did you know that 2018 marks their 40th anniversary? To honor this milestone, the company recently launched a new website, added to its team and continues to hold one of the most impressive collections of exotic and collectible vehicles available in the market. Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has been a centerpiece of our publication for over a decade and we recently sat down with the team to learn more about their history and what the future holds.

The company was founded in 1978 outside of Cleveland, Ohio as an automobile wholesaler with a small retail shop. Marshall Goldman started the business to provide customers with an enjoyable experience that blended his love of cars with honesty and the best market knowledge. Over the past four decades, his company has been successful on all fronts and has grown to be the preeminent buyer and seller of pre-owned collectible, exotic and luxury automobiles in North America.

But how did they do it? “We’ve focused on carrying high quality, low mileage and investment grade vehicles, the best of the best, and continued to provide the same customer experience for 40 years,” says Harlan Goldman, Marshall’s son and the CEO of the dealership. He told us he started working there when he was just 12-years-old. His job back then was to simply wash cars – that’s not a bad gig when the cars being washed are exotics and classics, like early Ferraris, Porsches and Corvettes. Harlan says it was like “being a kid in a candy shop.”

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As the years passed and Harlan grew up, Marshall gave him more responsibility and allowed him to start acquiring cars for the dealership and wholesaling them. He saw the dealership’s inventory evolve, moving to more exotic, highline luxury and collectible cars in the early 2000’s. At the same time Marshall Goldman Motor Sales started advertising their cars in the pages of duPont REGISTRY.

Fast-forward to 2018 – Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is now celebrating their 40th anniversary and the team has driven the company to evolve with the times and ultimately become one of the largest sellers of pre-owned exotic and collectible cars in the United States. Under Marshall and Harlan’s leadership, with their experienced team behind them, the business has doubled in size and revenue over the past six years. Even with growth that significant he has ensured that they maintain the same quality, honesty and knowledge that they have always been known for.

With their long history and strong reputation, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has created a worldwide network of contacts. Using these contacts, they’ve focused on buying high-end blue-chips and pre-owned exotic cars with low-mileage. What’s more, their entire inventory of cars is owned by them. No consignments. If you’re walking around the 40,000+ sq. ft. showroom floor or viewing their inventory online and see a car you like, the deal can be made right on the spot.

And you’re bound to find something you like at Marshall Goldman Motor Sales because their gigantic inventory has no limits, really. They’re constantly on the look-out for cars to buy which means new inventory is always being brought in. In fact there are often times when they carry vehicles that aren’t advertised to the public. What happens when a customer can’t find the unique car they’re looking for? Marshall Goldman Motor Sales will help customers find the car of their dreams and do so in the utmost professional manner. If you’re a buyer from outside of Ohio or even the country, don’t worry. “We started as a local dealership, but now we’re worldwide,” says Harlan. “Now, in 2018, we’re seeing 70 percent of our sales outside of Ohio.”

Looking to the future, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has a plan to further their success and grow in size and people. They’re also looking to expand and potentially bring their tried and true customer experience to other locations. “Our presence, revenue, and volume has grown tremendously over the past six years and we look to expand on that with continued success,” says Harlan.

Looking for your next luxury, exotic or collectible car? Look no further. You can view Marshall Goldman Motor Sales’ inventory right now by clicking the button below. If you have a specific question, call them at (866)979-2353.

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