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LARTE Design Offering Two Impressive QX80 Kits

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Larte Design Infiniti QX80 LR3

Presented by LARTE Design

Mysterious and gracious – autumn has started and with that beautiful season, some new aesthetic colors for the Infiniti QX80 – LR3 by LARTE Design appear. Dressed in gray (Graphite Shadow) or a berry shade (Dark Currant), the SUV of superlative seems even more impressive. Because the autumn colors underline the secretive flavor, which already surrounds the QX80. Another specialty of the QX80 in Dark Currant: Unique Vellano Wheels complete his luxurious design.

To a brilliant appearance always belongs a convincing inner life. That’s not a problem for the QX80 – LR3 by LARTE Design, because a 400 HP (approx. 300 kW) strong V8 motor ensures adequate power. Furthermore, the forceful vehicle convinces with high-quality components and light-alloy rims sourced from the production of first-class suppliers.

Only high-quality composite materials, for example, have been used as the material for the QX80’s body kit. LARTE has intentionally chosen a martial design with edges, corners, indicated spoilers and air intakes. Two pairs of round additional lamps, which assume the function of daytime running lights, have also been installed. LARTE also chose to install a sophisticated stainless-steel exhaust system that has been sourced from the production of a leading OEM manufacturer and that as a sign of its quality bears the laser-engraved company logo.

The four pipes – each possessing a diameter of 101 millimeters – have been held in chrome and arranged in two pairs on the left and right rear. In conjunction with the entirely newly designed LARTE apron in the style of the front bumper, the eye-catching exhaust system constitutes the dominating element of style: the new bumper is more square, three-dimensional and much more aggressive than Infiniti’s original.

Furthermore alloy wheels from Vellano belong to the equipment in Dark Currant, which are also realized in the berry shade. So they perfectly harmonize with the whole design. The spokes were created very open and dynamic, so they complete the look and power of this exclusive car.

Like this autumn is fun: The new colors of the LARTE Infiniti QX80 – LR3 shine through exclusive style and a perfect shade fitting. They complete that top-class SUV and emphasize his nature as a high-quality eye catcher for demanding customers.

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Larte Design QX80 Missuro

Its strength is unchallenged. Its styling is pure motion. Determined, dynamic, and born to conquer.

Emotions such as these inspired LARTE Design to create this bold new styling package for the Infiniti QX80. The commanding and luxurious presence of Infiniti’s largest SUV is heightened by the lines of this new design.

As if carved, the bold lines bestow upon the QX80 a daring and noble form that commands unconditional respect and awe. Now the connoisseurs of premium Infiniti brand have the opportunity to transform their QX80.

Restyled front and rear fascias, radiator grill, three-mode LED lighting and a new exhaust system make up the package. Up front, additional vents above the headlights are not merely aesthetic elements as they provide extra cooling for the engine compartment. Multifunction LED lighting under the headlights serve as daytime running lights, parking lights and turn indicators.

At the rear, the high performance exhaust system is completed by polished stainless steel tips, which compliment the lines of the taillights.

Front and rear fascias are constructed from strong – yet lightweight – basalt fiber composite; a material widely used in the aerospace industry. In addition to its unquestionable strength, basalt fiber is an environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, non-flammable and alkali and acid resistant.

Specifically painted segments in select body elements harmoniously combine with the contours of the QX80’s headlights. The image is completed with 24-inch, three-piece modular wheels featuring forged centers. At the discretion of the buyer, the SUV may also be equipped with a powerful braking system from Rotora, featuring 8-piston calipers, massive ventilated rotors, high-performance pads and braided stainless steel brake hoses.

LARTE Design’s commitment to excellence gives the QX80 Missuro the commanding edge.

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