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Could This Be A Million-Dollar Lamborghini Countach?

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Presented by Tony Rienzi

What you see in the pictures embedded in this article is not just any Lamborghini Countach. No, this 1982 Countach 5000S comes with documentation noting that it holds a special place in Lamborghini’s long history.

Tony Rienzi – Success in the Exotic Car Marketplace

According to the documentation, Lamborghini used this car as a prototype for the use of the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel-injection system. Additionally, this car was used by Lamborghini to pass the EPA tests, which allowed them to sell their supercars across the world. This Countach basically paved the way for Lamborghinis to be sold in the United States and was a very important stepping stone.

The seller of this car is none other than Tony Rienzi, who is selling the car out of the United States, which means it never left once it came over as the first 5-liter to be imported here. Since it was shipped across the sea, it has been brought back to its original state. This means the Euro front and rear end pieces were reinstalled, as well as the heritage Webber carburetors. But if all of this Countach’s heritage isn’t enough, it also comes in a one-of-a-kind color combination: Argento with a Blu leather interior.

Tony currently has the car listed on duPontREGISTRY.com, noting that it comes with its spare tire and full toolkit. For more information, like its price, be sure to click the button below to view its listing.

Lamborghini Countach For Sale - duPont REGISTRY