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Jupiter Bike: The Bike that Fits Your Life

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Presented by Jupiter Bike

People around the globe love saving space and saving space is all about downsizing. With the Jupiter Bike, you can not only downsize your two-wheeled transportation, but you also see benefits a standard bike just can’t provide.

The electric Jupiter Bike can fold itself practically in half, cutting its size down to where it could fit in a backpack. With just a few quick actions, you can turn transform the Jupiter Bike into either a full-size bike or a travel-on-sized item.

Each Jupiter Bike is crafted out of a lightweight alloy frame that’s incredibly sturdy. But it’s not the material that most will notice when first seeing one of these electric bikes, it’s the design. The circular design is not only attractive, but it’s also purposeful. Each wheel folds into the circles of the frame, giving the bike the ability to fold up so well. These circles also distribute the rider’s weight equally across the frame, making it more durable.

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As for its cruising capabilities, the Jupiter Bike shines when on the go. Riders can expect speeds of up to 15 mph on a Jupiter Bike. Whether traveling at 5 mph or 15 mph, these bikes provide a smooth and comfortable ride. What’s more, the Jupiter Bike is waterproof and able to travel in stormy weather without a problem…just be sure to pack a poncho. If you have a far ride ahead of you, a full charge of the Jupiter Bike’s battery can get you 10 miles of travel.

The Jupiter BIke is a perfect mode of travel for everyone. Whether you’re traveling on business or cruising around the city or campus, the benefits of the Jupiter Bike are boundless. For more information on how you can change the way you get around, be sure to click the button below.

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