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HYT’s H0 Querétaro: Impressive. Connective. Refreshing.

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Presented by HYT Watches

Liquid is vital – to be carried with care across the bridges of time. The H0 Querétaro, and the Mexican aqueduct that inspired its design, have both treated this task with the utmost respect. Reflecting the commitment of the eighteenth-century masterpiece to bring drinking water to thirsty citizens, the contemporary timepiece uses fluids to mirror HYT’s essential fascination with time’s transience. The H0 Querétaro is a feast for the eyes and sustenance for the soul.

Just as a sideways glance at one of the aqueduct’s 74 arches stretching some 30 meters skywards is breathtaking, so is one at the watch’s 18.7 mm high case. Why? The H0 Querétaro exclusive limited edition has a pure white outline of the iconic aqueduct’s arches circuiting the side of its black case. Vibrant green fluid flows above this beautifully suggested structure, measuring recently elapsed time on its almost circular journey. Anchoring the inspiration is a black dial with a green map of Querétaro province floating above the two partially visible bellows of the patented fluidic module. Even the black rubber strap is patterned with its own replication of a precisely orchestrated rainshower.

Recently awarded the Red Dot for design, the HYT H0 watches all express the brand’s defining focus on the fluidity of time. Fluid technology meets mechanical horology in a union that reaches reassuringly across past, present and future moments. Various design elements echo the theme of flow, from a drop-like, magnifying sapphire glass dome to concave counters portraying the outward motion caused by descending droplets of water breaking surface tension. The H0 Querétaro has water resistance to 30 meters and a power reserve of 65 hours. Viewing time in isolation is water under the bridge.

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