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HQ Custom Design: Your Park Avenue Loft on Wheels

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Presented by HQ Custom Design

Inspired to represent a one-of-a-kind experience comparable to that of a Park Avenue-style loft, the Limited Edition Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (or LLX) by HQ Custom Design demonstrates a harmonious blend of luxurious aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Exclusively and uniquely built per individual request, the LLX reinvents the experience of luxuriousness by exhibiting the utmost pinnacle of elegance, comfort and safety. Upon entrance, this build boasts a breathtaking interior as each component ranging from the captain seating to the ceiling and custom partition are wrapped in sleek, private jet quality white leather.


Create Your Own Environment

One of this build’s chief notable features is that of an 84-inch LED sky roof display that is capable of generating a limitless number of different environments within the atmospheric cabin space, each interchangeable with a touch of a button. Dependent upon their particular mood and preferences, passengers are able to transport themselves deep underwater as various different species of fish swim across the display, to a picturesque blue sky with moving clouds, to that of the infinite cosmos with numerous stars flashing in the distance. The possibilities of environments are truly endless, as based upon one’s preference any sort of custom background can be added to the roster of screen savers. If passengers are not feeling adventurous, the display is able to change to that of an external camera so passengers can view the outside, as if viewing from a moon roof. All in all, the sky roof display creates a personal and surreal atmosphere that is interchangeable and limited solely by one’s imagination.


Endless Technology

In addition to the sky roof display is a front 42-inch curved 4K display and a rear 32-inch LED display for utilizing onboard Wi-Fi, Apple TV, Blu-ray player and Sirius XM satellite radio. This build is loaded with technological amenities for accomplishing work and relaxation. Each of these various features are controlled through a touch-control media panel exclusively developed by HQ Custom Design. It is engineered to be intuitive and capable of being easily operated by anyone. The ambiance and entertainment systems are complemented by a custom bar unit and refrigerator installed within the front partition. Executive motorized aviation-style tables and custom side rails are composed of custom hand-glazed, real veneer wood for an unprecedented level of detail. The amount of attentiveness placed in considering each contour and crevice becomes apparent, as the LLX’s premium aesthetics alone generate no shortage of class. Your passengers’ daily commutes are transformed by what can only be described as a handcrafted art.


Room To Spare

With the ability to fit seven passengers comfortably, this luxurious vehicle comes equipped with four 16-way custom captain seats and a custom power reclining bed. Each seat is custom-made and hand-stitched in a Maybach diamond-shaped pattern. The high-grade leather exhibits a standard of quality that feels as good as it looks.  Each of the captain seats come outfitted with motorizations allowing for leg extensions and full-supine positions to provide lumbar and thigh support. In addition, each captain chair comes equipped with memory, heating and cooling elements, and multiple massage programs. Furthermore, the rear seating is able to fit an additional three passengers with plenty of space for leg room, and with a mere flick of button is capable of transforming to the size of double mattress. Perfect for catching a quick nap for a lengthy commute. Each of these features are able to controlled and customized to each user preference by using touch-button controls that are located adjacent to each chair.


Lavish On-The-Go Office

In addition to its luxurious appeal, this build functions as a complete mobile office with multitude of onboard technological amenities and privacy features to ensure that each commute, regardless of distance, is a productive usage of time. Each captain chair’s controls control panel is responsible for operating its corresponding aviation table, perfect for accomplishing work via a laptop or eating a meal on-the-go. If your trip demands privacy, the front partition is electro-static and the window shades are powered.

With on-board Wi-Fi and Apple TV, the spacious cabin becomes the perfect space for conducting on-the-go meetings with business associates.The 42-inch 4K curved display and 32-inch rear LED display are capable of being utilized as dual visual aids for presentations and video conferencing. Privacy is ensured as the passenger cabin is equipped with sound deadening material and privacy glass within the custom partition, in order for cabin passengers to be able to limit and control communication with the cockpit. If passengers require immediate communication with the driver, the LLX is equipped with an intercom to keep the driver undistracted. Overall, the LLX provides a superb mobile office environment to ensure each hour of transit is not wasted. Beneficial to any executive seeking productivity and privacy on-the-go, and therefore being able to spend additional time relaxing with friends and family without the hassle of completing work.


Built For Work And Play

At the same time, this sophisticated build is equipped with assortment of custom features designed for accomplishing both work and play, as it functions as a full-fledged entertainment center. Each device is controlled through a custom touch-screen panel, exclusively developed by HQ Custom Design, it offers access to onboard entertainment amenities with ease. By utilizing this panel, passengers are able to configure backgrounds for the sky roof display, configure video output and audio settings for the front and rear displays, as well as change the current color of the recessed LED ambient lighting.

With Sirius XM satellite radio, Apple TV, Blu-ray player and an auxiliary HDMI port, there are plenty of devices to satisfy even the pickiest of travelers. Coupled with 5.1 Dolby digital audiophile surround sound, watching movies and TV shows or listening to music is a mere pleasure with home theater quality audio . Not to mention that the LLX comes with a custom bar with a Bulgari clock and a refrigerator unit installed within the front partition. Passengers can enjoy a drink or two along with a quick meal or snack with clients, or by themselves after a stressful workday. Therefore, the LLX is a versatile vehicle that is engineered to minimize downtime, so that passengers have the freedom to choose whether to relax or to get work accomplished during their commutes, all while experiencing the pinnacle of luxuriousness and comfort.

For more information and inquiries regarding this build or any of our other various conversions, or to begin designing your own unique vehicle please contact us through info@hqcustomdesign.com. Also, if you would like to see additional images of our previous projects, visit our website at www.hqcustomdesign.com, or visit our Facebook, Instagram or any of our other social media pages.

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