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High Speed Aerodynamic Testing with Johnny Bohmer Racing

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Presented by Johnny Bohmer

Just a few weeks ago I had the experience of a lifetime. Taking place at Space Florida’s Shuttle Landing Facility, Johnny Bohmer’s Proving Ground testing session proved to be one of the most exciting experiences I have ever attended. Some of the world’s rarest and fastest cars showed up to perform in high-speed aerodynamic testing sessions.

The testing sessions took place on the world’s flattest piece of concrete otherwise known as the Space Shuttle Runway. Not only is this runway 3 Miles long, it is a football field wide at 100 yards. This runway made for the perfect place to test out cars like the SSC Ultimate Aero, Mosler Raptor GTR and, of course, the World’s Fastest Street Legal Car (The Badd GT).

Upon arrival, I was blown away not only by the beauty of the supercars lined up on the runway but by the sheer size of the runway itself. After Johnny Bohmer gave everyone a serious rundown on safety protocols and the day’s schedule, it was time to get started with the aerodynamic testing.

One-by-one the cars set off down the runway, with the skinny pedal mashed to the floor. As one car was heading back, another was at the ready, waiting to be unleashed. The McLaren P1 for sale and Porsche 918 Spyder for sale, two of the famed Holy Trinity, were quick as lightning down the runway, proving their worth. And, as if the sight and sounds of these cars wasn’t enough, there was a helicopter chasing the cars, getting insane footage of each tester as they ripped down the three-mile stretch of concrete.

After spending time at the event, I realized that Johnny Bohmer was on to something incredibly special with this testing session. Nowhere else in the world can you find a more perfect runway to test the fastest cars ever created. If attending something this spectacular sounds like a good time to you, as it should, you can learn more by clicking the button below. Trust me, you’ll be blown away.

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