Here Is Your Brand New Muscle Car

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Presented by Brand New Muscle Car

If you have ever dreamed of owning a Muscle Car, don’t let their soaring prices scare you away. The odds of finding a classic in running & driving condition without paying a fortune have been slim in the past few decades, so now it is time for a Brand New Muscle Car! Based in Tusla, Oklahoma, they have the ability to recreate the most popular models from the past.

If you would like a 1967-69 Camaro, why not make it a Yenko continuation? Brand New Muscle Car is licensed by Yenko to build your new 1969 Big Block cruiser with all the modern conveniences. Mustang fans, they can also build 1965 to 1970 in fastback or convertible. You can be your own Boss with their Boss 302 or Boss 429 models, or break the sound barrier in a Mach 1.

Many vintage trucks also come with vintage rust, so now you can have a new 1966-77 Bronco. Pickup fans, take a look at their Chevrolet trucks. Choose from 1947,1952, or 1956-57. All are available with modern chassis and 4WD. Drag racing fans will delight in the 1966-67 Nova or the 1971-72 Chevelle. Pontiac fans, your first generation Firebird is available as a coupe or convertible, and this even includes the Trans-Am. Only a handful of convertible Trans-Ams were built in 1969, so you deserve one for yourself. Other timeless classics include the 1957 Bel-Air and the 1970 Challenger.

Every one of these can be built to original specs or with modern components. If you have ever driven a classic, you know overheating and drum brakes should be banished to the dark ages. Triple core aluminum radiators, dual fans, and R134a air conditioning are all available. Disc brakes and performance suspension parts can be hidden in plain sight. These bodies are all-new and all their individual panels are covered on both side with weld-thru primer to prevent rust. This was not done by any big manufacturer until the late 80’s and it will keep your Brand New Muscle Car impervious to corrosion. If you have been considering a Factory Five build, every model is offered by Brand New Muscle Car.

Click the link below to see their complete lineup, with pricing & options.

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