Gateway Bronco: The Last Bronco

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Presented by Gateway Bronco

Last week we told you about the incredible story of how Gateway Bronco found Carroll Shelby’s 1966 Bronco. It was the first Bronco produced, and the story behind it is just as wild as this one. What you see here is one of the final production examples from 1977.

The owners of Ken Kurdys Ford Dealership knew the 1978 Bronco would be a massive beast. So they decided to keep their last 77 on the family farm near Vevay, Indiana. There it lived a life of leisure, running errands and sporting a dealer plate. They kept the MSO but never saw a need for a title.

Our friend Seth Burgett is the owner of Gateway Bronco. And when he heard this unbelievable story he began the diligence to authenticate it. The first title was assigned to a private owner in 2013, with only 42,000 original miles. This uncut survivor reminded Seth of a classic bronco ad, so he tracked down a 1965 Apache pop-up trailer to recreate the iconic scene.

Original Ford Ad- Can You Spot The Differences?

After a careful cleaning, the original paint shines like new at age 42. It resides with its trailer in Seth’s personal collection of over 15 unique and historic Broncos. It is being offered for sale on eBay along with the trailer as a 100% original masterpiece. They are located in Gateway Bronco’s 60,000 sq ft facility near St. Louis.

It is where his team of fabricators and master technicians breathe new life into these tired horses. Their Ford-licensed restorations use the latest 5-liter Coyote V8 along with the six-speed automatic from the Raptor. Click the link below for more info and stay with us for more amazing survivors from Gateway Bronco.

Presented by Gateway Bronco 

We build and modernize the Ford Bronco with new Ford Coyote 5.0L engines and 6-speed automatic transmissions, building each truck on Henry Ford’s creation, a modern production line. Gateway Bronco is unique to anyone in the industry, meeting the Certified Reconditioned Vehicle Standards established by Ford Motor Company.  Now an Official Ford Licensee