*Sponsored 488 Spider Ferrari For Sale

Fully-Optioned 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider For Sale

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Presented by European Exotic Center

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to Scuderia Shields. So Ferrari’s Tailor Made department has something special for their most discerning clientele. In lieu of the normal fender badges, they will airbrush giant versions of the shields on your Ferrari 488. It is a pricey option, so we have a solution for you. This gorgeous 488 Spider has them along with every custom option available. 

A stunning black stallion with yellow dreamlines and accents will take your breath away. The window sticker was printed in microscopic font to include all the options. The same color palette of the deadly Coral Snake, black and yellow are just as imposing in this context. Thanks to Tailor Made, you will be treated to 2-tone Daytona seats and matte-finished carbon fiber in all possible areas.

Along with premium audio and AFS headlights, it pushed the MSRP close to $500,000. With only 690 miles on the odometer, European Exotic Center is willing to chop $125,000 from the sticker price to find this Spider a new home.  If you need a new centerpiece for your collection, click the link below for all the details. 

Presented by European Exotic Center

To achieve this competitive price advantage, European Exotic Center focuses on low overhead We do not suffer from Manufacturer dictation. The result is freedom to stay focused on cars and people. We believe that for the most part, cars sell themselves, people make the relationships that determine where they are bought and price closes the deal.