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First Factory Direct Mil-Spec Launch Edition for Sale

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Presented by Mil-Spec Automotive

Mil-Spec Automotive’s abilities to create bespoke, one-off vehicles is just about limitless. The build sheet for their Launch Edition is a testament to this and is full of various options for customers to check off. But Mil-Spec wanted to show the world a clean and conservative version of their Launch Edition package. To show this off, Mil-Spec’s executive team ordered a special factory direct example of their Launch Edition package.

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“This truck features a unique configuration of factory options that we feel display a minimalist philosophy to the LE,” says Mil-Spec regarding this off-road vehicle known as Launch Edition #003.

Checked off on #003’s build sheet are just a few options: 4 Door Hardtop Pickup, After-Burner Grey Body Color, Aluminum Offset Snorkel, Emblem Delete Package 4B and Bumper Pull Tow Package 7B.

Mil-Spec notes that this truck “represents the Mil-Spec Automotive brand philosophy through a simple and modern execution on the H1 platform.” If this sounds like your dream truck, you’re in luck because Mil-Spec is currently offering it for sale.

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Mil-Spec was first founded with the idea that the perfect truck can be created and they knew they could do it. Launch Edition #003 is just another example of their effort to create a truck that checks off all of the boxes. The team at Mil-Spec is focused on taking the proven HMMWV truck and integrating modern technology and products within it. By doing this, they end up with a truck with a war-proven foundation and everything you need to survive on modern streets and the most rugged terrains.