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Faith Target Introduces New Titanium Lug Bolts and Nuts

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Presented By Faith Target

Faith Target is presenting a new product line – Titanium Lug bolts and nuts. Let the outstanding appearance and increased safety accentuate your exotic vehicle, and say goodbye to the rusted steel bolts that you may have been trying to ignore.

The lug bolts are built with the two-piece design, which reduces the wearing between the rim and the bolt. If you’re worried about the health of your wheels, these are a great choice.

To make them as strong as possible, Faith Target’s lug bolts are made from 6Al4V titanium with a tensile strength higher than ASTM Grade 5/AMS-4928 requirements. Furthermore, hot forging is performed during the creation process to gain an improved grain structure. These all result in improved strength performance when they are installed on cars with such immense horsepower. Lastly, Faith Target pays close attention to every bolt they make in production to ensure its perfection.

If you want everything on your car to be stylish, strong and efficient, Faith Target’s new Titanium wheel lug bolts and nuts are a perfect fit for your investment. To purchase, please click the button below.

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