Faith, Family, & Fast Fords: Meet the Maxlider Brothers

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Presented by Maxlider Brothers Customs

Being devoted to one brand is the goal of all automakers, and it seems that Ford fans are the definition of loyalty. Erik & Kris Barnlund grew up in a Ford-only household. Their uncle worked his entire career at a Ford factory, and their father would not allow GM products to on or near their home. Although Mr. Barnlund ran a Christian home, Erik’s unfortunate purchase of a Pontiac produced profanity.

Gorgeous Welds Meet Perfect Stitching

Both Kris & Erik had successful careers, and their Ford fandom was always in the back of their minds. As a side project from his day job, Erik found a Bronco in need of love. After selling it for a small profit he replicated the process. Erik bought them, Kris fixed them and Erik sold them. It was at this point that Kris came onboard to create Maxlider Brothers Customs. One led to 3, which led to 6, then 9…and now they have sold over 1,000 classic Fords.

Clean & Functional

Their focus is on first-gen Broncos, but their team of Ford Senior Master Technicians also lend their talents to F-Series trucks. Their social media channels also shows their abilities on Mustangs of all ages and even a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. They have the talent to restore almost any Ford, but my Pinto question was left unanswered.

Your Differential Will Never Be This Strong!

To show the world what they are capable of, they stretched a 1966 Bronco and added another pair of doors.

Two Award Wins at the Detroit Autorama!

A new 5.0L Coyote was treated to a big Roush supercharger to send 670 horsepower to all 4 wheels. Their bespoke 3-link rear uses a high-mount pinion to keep the driveshaft safe, and progressive coil springs are much more comfortable than leafs. While the “More Door” Bronco has inspired a 6-door version, their main business is restoring originals.

Would You Rock A 6-Door Bronco?

If your Bronco has seen better days, their average build includes $80,000 in new parts and around 1,300 hours of labor! Of course you can keep the carbureted 302 and forego modern Air Conditioning, because they will work with your budget and on your schedule. New paint and electronic ignition to a boxed & powdercoated frame, no job is off-limits.

B-Pillar Welded To Roll Cage & Down To The Frame

To stay ahead of the crowd, the MoreDoor Bronco #2 will feature rear suicide doors and even more amenities. Removing the front gas tank allowed them to lower the floor. This increased the leg room and made a comfortable 2nd row. Their goal was to accommodate passengers over 6 feet tall, but they didn’t stop there. We will share a few more surprises throughout the summer.

Like we mentioned before, their talents aren’t limited to Broncos. After getting their hands on a new Ranger, Maxlider is almost done with a comprehensive suspension & performance upgrade package. With an amazing inventory of Fords for sale, Erik & Kris give attribute their prosperity to the Lord while looking forward to SEMA this fall. Stay with us for all your Maxlider updates.

Presented by Maxlider Brothers Customs

At Maxlider Brothers Customs, our purpose is to help you create memories with your family that last a lifetime. We take the idea of doing the right thing very seriously…our goal is to have a customer for life. Whether it’s a project vehicle you want or a fully restored, show quality high-end custom restoration, we are here to help you.