Dubuc Motors: Looking Towards the Future of Electric Exotic Cars

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Presented by Dubuc Motors

Dubuc Motors is aiming to create the next-generation of electrified automobiles. Through a collaborative effort between its co-founders, the Tomahawk has been created as not only their proof-of-concept but also their first planned production car. Their efforts are being noticed by the 800+ investors who have taken part in their first public offering (Reg A+) round in order to be a part of the company’s growth. Here are just a few highlights regarding the car:

  • 800 hp
  • 1,000 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60 MPH in 2 seconds in race mode or 4 seconds in street mode
  • 400-mile range
  • Active Safety Technologies
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber build
  • And a lot more

The development of the Tomahawk was done mostly self-funded for over a decade, until the previously mentioned Reg A+ offering in 2017. Now, they are offering a $6M Reg D round that will allow Dubuc Motors to complete the final steps needed to complete the production model of the Tomahawk and plan their next milestones, which includes a planned Reg A+ IPO.

Watch Supermodel Arianny Celeste Present the Tomahawk

Only accredited investors can take part in this Regulation D offering, which will offer a lower price than what’s expected from the suggested IPO. Dubuc Motors is also offering this round to both existing and new investors, as to not leave dedicated investors behind or those who did not get a chance to partake in earlier rounds.

“We are addressing a $400 billion dollar luxury market and currently at the cusp of an abundant new era, it’s an exciting time to be innovating and pursuing bold ideas,” says co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis. “We expect to complement Tesla’s product line and very much compete, given our resources and business model, with the mostly smaller European low-volume manufacturers from right here in the United-States.

Dubuc Motors is planning on revealing several models that are all built on the propriety chassis utilized by the Tomahawk. They plan on producing these models in a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in North America, creating jobs within the United States.

If you’re interested in either the car itself or investing, be sure to click the respective buttons below.

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