A Day With Steve Brewer and His Collection
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A Day With Steve Brewer and His Collection

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When we first met Steve Brewer he was driving a beautiful black Ford GT with red stripes. As we began talking with him, his enthusiasm and excitement for automobiles was contagious. We ended up talking for over an hour about the different cars he owns and a little bit about his experience racing at Sebring. Towards the end of the event he invited us to see his other cars he was selling.

Two weeks later we found ourselves pulling down his dirt driveway to find out more about Steve Brewer and take a look at his collection. His watch dog named “Rolex” greeted us at the entry of a 16 car garage he calls the “Garage Mahal”. Across the entry door read “BREW CREW ENTERS HERE,” with a thumbprint scanner for added security. “The Brew Crew” is made up of Steve’s closest friends who are the only ones that have access to the garage. However, this isn’t any old garage, because behind that door is the most magnificent man cave I have ever laid eyes on.

The garage is larger than his own house and features everything a man “needs.” Walking through the front door, you’ll notice a huge mural of his home track Sebring International Raceway behind the bar, with a Porsche Steering wheel controlling the keg. On one side of the garage, there are a number of racecars that Steve raced throughout his years racing with the SCCA, including an 800hp Twin Turbo 911, a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Race Car, a 914 and a 1986 Spec Racer Ford Race Car. In 2006, he started a Sebring Historic Sports Car Race in his 1957 Speedster way back in 87th place, only to find himself crossing the finish line in first place after three hours of racing.

On the other side of the garage were his street cars, including the three he uses the most up closest to the garage doors. Those three are the black and red Ford GT mentioned earlier, a Porsche 996 Turbo and a Lotus Exige, which is Rolex’s favorite. Following that row is a 500hp aircooled 911 that, to the untrained eye, looks completely stock, a GTM Factory Five Race Car, a De Tomaso Pantera and a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass that still smelled new. Memorabilia, plaques, posters, medals and photos of his achievements surrounded these cars with a pool table, living area and pinball machines. Even the bathroom Is car themed with a shifter to flush the toilet.

As we wrapped up our tour of the “Garage Mahal”, Steve wanted us to check out a little toy he bought at MECUM Kissimmee auction. As we came around the corner, there sat a huge CCT Military Truck painted with bed liner. As we climbed into the truck, Steve said “last one in has to drive”, so he threw me the keys and I took it for a spin with a huge smile on my face.

Steve Brewer is one of the most interesting men in the world. After a tour of the garage, he told us stories about traveling the world: finding ancient artifacts in Africa, hang gliding in France and landing in Switzerland and exploring Tuts tomb, which are only a few of the interesting adventures he has had. He likes to have fun and enjoys every day to the fullest. Unfortunately, if I were to write every little detail about our day with him I would never stand up from my computer. Hopefully the photos below will help you understand a bit more about the man who is Steve Brewer.

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