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Centurion Run 2017 Recap

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Presented By Centurion Run

The first ever Centurion Run was built with one goal in mind, provide the best possible experience for our members. Our team stopped at nothing to make sure the Centurion Run was jam packed with motorsport events and luxury hotel accommodations along the way. From the driver’s challenge that took place at Lime Rock Park to the full private track day at Summit Point Motorsports Park, all of the drivers participated in an experience driven rally from day one. Not to mention all the swag, grab and go breakfast and the latest copy of duPont Registry for each driver and co-driver at the morning start point.


Whether drivers took the optional extra night stay before the start of the rally or not, everyone pulled into the Boston Park Plaza with smiles on their faces ready to shake hands and spend some time with their new petrol-head friends. All of the drivers got to experience Boston with each other while their incredible cars were detailed and dressed up with the official Centurion Run livery set overnight for the early morning start.


Rise and shine to a gorgeous day in downtown Boston filled with people stopping on their way to work engaging in conversation with the drivers and photographers frantically snapping pictures of the exotics all morning. Needless to say, with perfect weather and both man and machine fuelled up, the day was off to a great start with the target destination of Lime Rock Park for an afternoon of tire screeching.

Upon arrival to Lime Rock Park, The Dream Ride Experience’s Jeff & Scott greeted the drivers with an overwhelming welcome and a group of lucky special needs athletes that got their own private exotic car show and trackside view for the Centurion Run driver challenge.

After a healthy dose of tracking and spending some time with the good people from The Dream Ride Experience, the driver’s set off to New York City where they would spend the night in anticipation for day two.


After a night in New York City’s Hilton Midtown hotel, the drivers set off for lunch at McLaren Philadelphia. The McLaren staff were gracious in providing a fully catered lunch and meeting spot for the Centurion Run group. Lunch at McLaren Philadelphia gave drivers the opportunity to catch up with each other about their night in New York City as well as their run at the Lime Rock Park driver experience event. Goodbyes to the McLaren Philadelphia staff and the drivers were off to the incredible Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC.

Tours of the city, dinner plans and overall relaxation in part with the hotel’s extremely hospitable staff were all on the agenda for the members of the Centurion Run. Groups separated to tour the monuments and enjoy the nation’s capital. Eventually, the drivers met at the W hotel’s rooftop patio bar overlooking the Whitehouse with plenty of drinks and impromptu dance-offs for a great end to the night.


No exotic car rally is complete without someone doing something off the wall so without further adieu, our very own Sal painted the sky with a colorful smoke show as he peeled off into the beautiful Washington sunlight to mark our departure from the city in style.

Everyone was now on their way to the big track event at Summit Point Motorsports Park, a full day of tracking on a private course for the Centurion Run group complete with blistering straights and technical corners allowing drivers to push their cars to their limits. Summit Point Motorsports Park hosted a variety of friendly competition amongst seasoned drivers, a platform to get that need for speed and instructions for the new to track drivers that were looking for a way to push their car without that first timer’s stress.

After a long day of pushing our cars to the limit, we embarked on our final stretch to end at the beautiful Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh where we all spent a final night with each other and reminisced about the memories that were collected along the way.

Our team gave a heartfelt thank you before a final night spent in the boutique hotel together. Drivers said their goodbyes and made off on their way home after one final night of partying and a good night’s rest.

Overall the Centurion Run was a great success that brought like-minded people together for a great cause and it turned out to be a favourite of quite a few members that have participated in other rallies before. We couldn’t be happier.


What’s the point of doing something without being awarded for it? We would like to present 4 awards to the deserving members of the first ever Centurion Run.

Centurion Award

The Centurion Award is presented to an individual who represents the full spirit of what we stand for. This individual helped others in times of need or presented themselves as a shining example of giving back to the community.

We would be honoured to present this award to Scott Smith of The Dreamride Experience for all of his and his team’s support for the first ever Centurion Run. Thank you so much for making this all possible!

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Best Car Award

Self explanatory, this award goes to the driver with the best car as chosen by other Centurion Run participants. With that being said, we would like to present this award to Khurrum Dhanji and his Black Ferrari F12.

Road Renegade Award

The Road Renegade Award is awarded to the driver that doesn’t quite know where his or her wheels may have been at all times. This award goes to none other than Dillon Kovljenic for shooting a smile at the on-track cameras every time his back end slid out, which was pretty much every turn.

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Joker Award

Last but not least, the Joker Award goes to an individual that not only gets away with outrageous pranks, but also manages to crack a smile on everyone’s face, even if we’re left scratching our heads. This joker is none other than the famous Sal (Nick) Naylor for his well packed bag of party tricks.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of the first ever Centurion Run. Our team is incredibly humbled by the overwhelming response to the experience and we aim to bring you even more for CR2. Keep your engines warm, we’re releasing year two details shortly.

The Centurion Run Team



Photos by Derek Bartolo Photography