Cenegenics Elite Health: The Big “O”

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From Success to Struggle

Presented by Cenegenics

It was somewhere around my 50th birthday that I realized the big “O” had abandoned me. Not that big “O”, although things weren’t going all that well in the romance department either, for me it was Optimism.

I had always been what most people would consider successful in both my business and personal life, and to be perfectly candid, it all seemed effortless. I loved what I did for work, I loved my family, and, as a lifelong bodybuilder, I looked forward to challenging myself in the gym; how hard could it be to maintain the momentum?

Then, seemingly overnight, it all became a struggle.

In retrospect, my list of struggles was pretty standard for a man of my age: low libido, waning energy, reduction in memory and cognitive function, poor sleep quality, greatly reduced results at the gym and a general lack of enthusiasm. Like many, I was laboring over business strategies to ensure professional success, leaving my health on the backburner.

I knew I had to find a better answer.

Resolving to Find the Solution

At that point, I resolved to find the real solution, and it was right there waiting for me!

Like many people, I saw the ads for Cenegenics showing people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s, looking like they were in their 30’s. With nothing to lose, I called for my free consultation with a Cenegenics physician, and it was life changing. After an in-depth consultation with an age management physician, I signed up for the Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation – a full day of self-discovery leading to self-development and self-empowerment. No product or superficial discussion can accomplish that.

Reclaiming the Big “O” with Cenegenics

That was eight years ago. My initial blood tests revealed that my testosterone level was about the same as an 80-year-old man. The common denominator in so many age-related symptoms? Diminished hormone levels. Clearly, reduced hormone output seriously affects the health span, both physically and mentally.

With a comprehensive evaluation, Cenegenics Elite Health tailored a synergistic program to my specific health and wellness goals: hormone optimization (when clinically indicated), low-glycemic nutrition, regular exercise, and nutraceutical supplementation helped me regain a vibrant, healthy life. Within six weeks of doctor supervised hormone replacement therapy, I was enjoying testosterone levels of a man in his 20’s – My energy levels increased dramatically. My moods were more consistent, my thinking was clearer and I was much more focused. I began sleeping better and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested. Enough said!

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Here I am at 58 with more lean mass than ever, and my body fat rarely exceeds 10% (yep, I have rocking abs). I am beyond impressed with my libido, my energy and my enthusiasm for each day. Most importantly, I got the big “O” back and all the wonderful things that go along with it.

Cenegenics – Try it, it works!

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The article was written and contributed to duPont REGISTRY by Billy Doehler.

Billy describes himself as a serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping others, enjoying everyday life and earning a living — in that precise order.

If you are interested in the Cenegenics program, you can contact him directly at bdoehler@cenegenics.com.