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Black on Black 1986 Ferrari 328 GTB For Sale

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Presented By Lupo Motors

To some people, a numbers-matching car means that the engine and transmission are original. But to a real Ferrari connoisseur, even the floor mats need to be factory fresh. Your odds of finding such an example with three decades of documentation are very slim. So that is why we jumped at the sight of this pristine Ferrari 328 from 1986, made available by Lupo Motors. If you remember the 80’s, you know how bad cars can be. Back them, some enthusiasts were losing faith in engineers thanks to failures like the computer controlled carburetor and a myriad of smog controls. All the while, Ferrari was doing what they always do and continued to excel in automotive perfection. Case-in-point: the 328 GTB.

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Staying well ahead of the curve by making fuel injection standard and styling that kept pace with popular culture. The 328 was produced from 1985 to 1989, powered by a 3.2 liter mid-mounted V8. It was mounted just behind the seats, near the car’s center of rotation (or Z axis). This makes the light 2-seater perform like a track car in every circumstance. Unaltered in every way, the original Alpine head unit is waiting for your latest mix-tape. With only 19,261 miles you might be expecting to find cracked seals and rotten rubber, but the three owners have treated this car very well. A new timing belt and new tires along with all service records are included. The oil cooler was recently replaced with a factory part, and the original comes with the car.

Black on black is highly sought after now because nearly all surviving 328s are red. This car is 1 of 6 black on black GTBs produced in 1986.  Also included are the tools, original spare, books and 3 keys. Many more images and details can be provided upon request, so please click below for more information

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