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Young Start-Up “Auto Antlers” Poised to Have the “IT” Gift this Holiday Season?

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Presented by Auto Antlers

Like most of you, I realize the holiday season is upon us and like most of you, I have people in my life that are exceedingly hard to find gifts for. Upon my mission to find something truly spectacular for a couple people in the family who I have never quite wowed before, I started the grind of searching the web for ideas. You see many of us have “gearheads” or “outdoorsmen” in their family that are so diehard that it’s honestly hard to get them a gift they would actually use or really like. Especially if you aren’t a diehard yourself.


For me, that’s where Auto Antlers came into play. A little-known company I stumbled across with a backstory and product to die for! Originally founded in 2011, Auto Antlers are one of those companies with the type of product you can’t believe you didn’t think of yourself. As someone that is admittedly not a diehard, I recognize a trophy buck almost anywhere. What can I say?  It’s the Midwesterner in me! I also know enough about cars to know every car guy loves a shiny set of headers on his hotrod.  So, when I saw the balance of gearhead & outdoorsmen these Auto Antlers have I knew I struck gold!


After browsing autoantlers.com, I found 6 different Auto Antlers to choose from and 2 perfect for my budget, Including:

  • ORIGINAL 8 – POINT with Shorty Headers
  • FLAT 6 – POINT for Porsche Lovers
  • CURLY 8-POINT inspired by Ford’s Modular & Coyote engines
  • LONGHORN 8 – POINT Inspired by GM’s wicked LS engine
  • TAXIDERMY 10 – POINT for all those Mopar Fans
  • TROPHY 12 – POINT inspired by Aston Martin’s V12 Vanquish

I decided to contact them to find out if they were doing a holiday sale and even managed to score a COUPON CODE: ANTLERSDU17 for 10% off all orders until December 15th to share with everyone reading along!  I also was able to connect with Auto Antlers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If you are like me and are looking for the perfect gift for someone that sounds like my family, check out a set of Auto Antlers and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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