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Arkonik – Seasons Greetings from the Land Rover Defender Specialists

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Presented by Arkonik

Previously featured Arkonik are back with another offering; this time presenting a holiday incentive on their EDITIONS and BESPOKE Land Rover Defender ranges.

The product; English built and hand assembled Land Rover Defenders. Arkonik guarantee importation to the USA, Canada, and many other parts of the world.

If you’ve been thinking about commissioning your dream Defender, now is this time. For those who secure their build slot between 01-31 December 2017, they will receive a massive $10,000 deposit contribution.

However, it’s the holidays, and so the offerings do not end there. Also included are two further gifts that will be revealed as the month goes on which, put simply, money cannot buy. Arkonik are yet to reveal the intricacies of these additionals but have provided two clues as to the potential nature of each;

WEEK 2 CLUE: A time for giving.
Could the purchase include custom accessories, available to all who deposit in this period? Arkonik Defenders are known for their many variations, each coming with its own individual set of features. From WARN Winches to Front-Runner Roof Racks, the plethora of options seems never-ending. The use of the word time may also refer to the elusive Arkonik timepiece, produced in very limited numbers by the collaboration of Arkonik with the Tire’d Watch Company back in 2015.
WEEK 3 CLUE: Festive memories, with an English twist.

Arkonik is not only recognized for building a premium product, but also for providing a fantastic experience as you watch your custom Defender taking shape. This clue could allude to many things – perhaps something to commemorate the ‘rebirth’ of the vehicle, such as their custom-build books and portals? Maybe the clue is in memories; some sort of off-road experience, or potentially the chance to visit their HQ in England. Whatever it is revealed to be, it’s sure to be something unforgettable.

You can choose to take up the offer anytime you like during December and will receive all three gifts regardless of when you secure your slot.

For more information visit their website.

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