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The Airstream® Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach Inspiring Travel Relaxation

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Presented by Airstream

For travelers who appreciate the beauty and relaxation of an island-life experience, here’s some exciting news – Airstream® introduces the Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach, all new for 2017. Inspired by a commitment to comfort, style, and American craftsmanship, these special edition vehicles will be a tribute to relaxed elegance and adventure on the open road.

Icons in their own right, Airstream and Tommy Bahama have always both been dedicated to impeccable design quality, comfort and easy living. And with their new special edition based on the venerably best-in-class Airstream Interstate, they are offering road-travel enthusiasts the most luxurious, most refined, and most relaxed way to fulfill their spirit of adventure.

The Tommy Bahama influence paired with Airstream design and Mercedes-Benz® engineering, encourages travelers to embrace the spirit of island life with breezy, beach-inspired features and interiors fitted throughout the cabin. Each Touring Coach includes features designed to enhance the road travel experience with signature Tommy Bahama touches. From the remote-controlled wood-shutter blinds and built-in bar storage – to the elegant Caribbean style matte finish cabinetry and luxurious UltraLeather® seating, every detail in the Special Edition Coach will make you feel like you’re exactly where you want to be.

The vehicle’s inviting interiors are always comfortable – never crowded. They’re spacious, gracious, and richly appointed with premium materials like the luxury woven marine flooring, reflecting the Tommy Bahama coastal-inspired lifestyle.  Available in two unique layouts, the Lounge EXT floorplan offers seating for up to 9 people and the expansive Grand Tour EXT floorplan seats up to 7 with more expansive storage for longer trips.

As you navigate the roads from the easy luxury of a Tommy Bahama Special Edition Airstream Interstate, you can toss the GPS. Somehow, you’ll just know – today, it’s destination: relaxation!

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