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2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge For Sale

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Something sinister has arrived from England, and sometimes its good to be dark. The new Black Badge edition of the Rolls-Royce Wraith is nothing short of amazing. Many manufacturers are offering dark themes on their premier models, but nothing like this has been done before. From the lower air intakes to the Spirit of Ecstasy, all of the bright trim is now in black chrome. Instead of offering each item as a line item on the window sticker, the extensive changes are part of a $45,000 option package. Perhaps the original intention of blacked out cars was to fly under the radar, but this car is powerful enough to make every other automobile respect its quality.

  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-34-1178×542
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-31-1178×544
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-29-1178×544
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-24-1178×542
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-16-1178×542
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-14-1178×544
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  • 86588R-SIGNATURE-1178×544

We often encounter used versions with aftermarket wheels, and in many cases the weight of such a well-appointed car usually destroys the hubs. For the Rolls-Royce connoisseur who wants an exotic wheel, Black Badge comes with carbon fiber 21″ rolling stock. A first for the brand, 22 layers of composite were arranged in 3 directions then folded over for a wheel with 44 layers of carbon. A new air suspension system is calibrated for the dramatic loss in wheel weight along with quicker response to body roll in the corners. Another first is the carbon fiber trimmed interior. The composite layers are interwoven with strands of 0.014 mm aluminum wire, which gives the surface a unique & beautiful luster. Horsepower remains at 624 lb-ft, but torque has been increased to 605 lb-ft. To make sure that power is well controlled, a new 8-speed automatic transmission also makes its debut.No detail was overlooked, as even the clock was redesigned for these exclusive cars. The interior is a contrast of black and Mugello Red leather. With only 11 miles on the odometer, your dark ride awaits. For more information on this rare build, please click on the link below.

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  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-27-1142×544
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-22-1178×544
  • 86588R-Wraith-Black-Badge-Large-10-894×544
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