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1996 Porsche 911 GT2 Heading To Mecum Monterey Auction

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When the 993 series Porsche 911 arrived in 1993, Stuttgart knew they had the makings of a supercar. It was the first all-new 911 since 1963, and the twin-turbo flat-six was revised with durability and performance in mind. In order to race the car in the BPR Global GT series, Porsche had to build 194 street-legal examples of the race car. The rules of the GT2 class banned AWD, so the driveshaft and front differential were deleted. The loss in weight from these alone would be enough, but engineers cut every ounce of insulation and entertainment from the car. Plastic fender flares and aluminum body panels resulted in a curb weight of 2,450 lbs.

Giant turbos were added to increase boost, and the intercooler was larger than most home appliances. To keep the heat under control, a secondary oil cooler was also added. When tuned for the track, high octane fuel and an aggressive ignition curve yielded 480 horsepower, but it was detuned to 430 on pump gas. It was capable of meeting EPA standards and hitting 187 mph when needed. To make sure it was up to the challenge of endurance racing, a locking differential, big disc brakes, and 1″ lower suspension were standard equipment. Every Porsche 911 that followed after has become more luxurious and well-appointed. This pristine example is fitted with racing bucket seats, yellow seat belts, and black leather. While still a capable track machine, it also arrived with power steering and an AM/FM tape deck. The last air-cooled homologation car is the predecessor of the upcoming 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which is why it will be offered for sale at Mecum’s Monterey Auction. This will be part of the main event on the weekend of August 18th, so stay with us for complete coverage.

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