Rolls-Royce Unveils the Suhail Star Collection

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Yesterday, December 26, Rolls-Royce shared with the world their a new collection that comes with a celestial background. The Suhail collection is named after the star Lambda Velorum, also known as Suhail.

This star has a mass that is roughly 8.5 times that of the Sun and has inspired poets and scientists for year. To celebrate the well-known star, this new collection features a star motif, as well as a constellation on the car’s ceiling. Rolls-Royce also announced in the Facebook post that this is the first bespoke collection found across the Ghost, Phantom and Wraith platforms.

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See the cars for yourself in the gallery below. If you are interested in finding this star in the night’s sky, it can be found as the brightest star in the southern sky, lying at the end of an arc that comes off of Orion’s belt.


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(Source: Facebook)

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