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Rolls-Royce Reports Record Results From 2019

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Let the celebrations begin! After compiling the sales numbers from last year, Rolls-Royce reports record results from 2019. In their latest press release, sales of 5,152 cars represents the best 12-month period in their 116-year history. It beats the previous record of 4,107 from last year by 25%. Factors that have contributed to this success is the growing demand for the Black Badge models.

The factory at Goodwood was re-tooled to switch from steel unibody chassis to the new aluminum spaceframe. What began with the Phantom VIII also underpins the Cullinan, and the upcoming 3rd-generation Ghost. Increasing demand for custom builds showcases their artists’ abilities, thanks to our dealers having a direct line to the factory. To see why they are so popular, click the button below to find our dealer near you and stay with us for all your Rolls-Royce updates.


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