Rolls-Royce & Fabergé Unveil the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Egg

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Placing a work of art inside a work of art only happens once in a great while. The creations of Peter Fabergé are amongst the most valuable objects in the world. He only created 50 Imperial Eggs before the Russian Revolution in 1917, and since then his legacy has been the subject of intrigue and oligarchs. Until today, only one Imperial Class egg had been commissioned in over a century. So a wealthy Rolls-Royce and Fabergé collector decided to ask for a modern…eggsample.

Stefan Monro and Alex Innes are designers at the House of Rolls-Royce. They visualized their iconic hood ornament surrounded by blossoming leaves of crystal. It was then finalized by Fabergé lead designer Liisa Talgren.

The task was given to their Master Jeweler Paul Jones, and it will leave you speechless. The Spirit of Ecstasy Fabergé Egg is unprecedented, and it is destined to be sought after by wealthy patrons of both brands. Tell us what you think of this collaboration in the comments below, and click the link to find a Rolls-Royce for yourself.

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