Phantom Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce EW Phantom Gets “Privacy Suite”

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Rolls-Royce is taking privacy to a new level with the addition of a “Privacy Suite” in their Extended Wheelbase Phantom. This new feature will allow the rear passengers to have the utmost privacy without compromising their space or luxury.

The new Privacy Suite starts with a separator made of Electrochromatic Glass, which can be transformed from glass to opaque with the touch of a button. Rear passengers also have sole control a space that can be opened in order to pass objects from the rear to front, or front to rear. A light shines on the opening so passengers can see what’s being passed through.

There’s also increased acoustic insulation that prevents any sound made in the suit from making it to the front cabin. If the rear passengers need to communicate with the front cabin, they can use the intercom system that Rolls-Royce has implemented.

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With the acoustic insulation, rear passengers can take full advantage of the bespoke rear theater entertainment center that includes two 12-inch monitors. They’ll be able to watch whatever they want, however loud they want.

If you’ve ever wanted the perfect car to be chauffeured in, this is it.